Simone Touati Moallem - Creation in Clay.

Born in Morocco into a family of artists, Simone’s life was always destined to include a large measure of creative force.

After immigrating to Israel in 1964 she settled in the city of Beer Sheva in the heart of the Negev Desert, both of which provided abundant inspiration for every medium she has chosen to explore.

Coming from an extended family of artists, Simone was exposed to the hardships that an artist’s life can entail. She chose to first establish a secure and loving home for her family and only since her children have grown up has she felt the liberty to focus wholeheartedly on her art.

For Simone the process is all about what she describes as the four fundamental elements, Earth and Water - which form the material in her hands and Fire that feeds on the oxygen in the Air to transform her creations into lasting independent artefacts. Working with these fundamental elements connects Simone as a human being to nature and to the world around her bringing her personal and spiritual satisfaction. Avoiding artificial colorings and glazes, all her creations are made from materials that are part of Earth's natural resources.

From pots, through abstract and furniture, to sculptures of the people in her life, Simone’s work, while varied has some strong underlying common theme. Sourcing her materials and inspiration form her surroundings, her work, while universal in nature, leaves no doubt as to its origin and locality.